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Hangar 111

Hangar 111 - Lotus Cup & Elise Trophy

Already a well-established and highly-respected Lotus Specialist, Hangar 111 have taken their technical knowledge, years of experience and enthusiasm for the Lotus marque and put it on the track.  In late 2010 they entered their first endurance race with an Elise 111R, taking first in class with driver Andrew Bentley at the wheel as Spa. Since then 47 podiums, 18 wins and 1 Championship later, Hangar 111 have made their mark on the Lotus motorsport scene.

Hangar 111 build race cars from scratch, refresh existing cars, recommission historic vehicles and rework proven cars for new drivers.  They are also able to supply the latest Lotus Racing vehicles (Elise Cup, Exige Cup etc.).   As a race team they manage, maintain and provide track-side support for race cars and drivers to give them the best possible chances of success.  

In their workshops Toyota and Rover engine builds are undertaken to meet championship regulations and achieve high levels of reliability and durability for both Trophy and Cup applications.  Transmission rebuilds are carried out in-house to give the complete service for the racer.

Production-Class cars and drivers from 2010 to 2015:

- Elise S1, Elise Cup R - Andrew Bentley & James Little  (2015 Lotus Cup UK Production Champions & 2nd Place Elise Trophy Championship)

- Elise 111R, Elise S1 - Andrew Bentley

- Elise S1 - Nick Pink & Scott Mansell

- Elise Cup R - Richard Hywel Evans & Jack Goff, Oli Basey-Fisher 

- Elise 111R - Steve Quick (Winner 2012 Lotus 6hr Endurance)

Whether you are starting out, wanting to progress or aiming for podiums, Hangar 111’s Team Principal Greg Lock can be contacted at or on 01473 811811.

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