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Toyota 2ZZ Engine Mananagement System



Toyota 2ZZ Engine Mananagement System Image
Toyota 2ZZ Engine Mananagement System Image

For the first time an aftermarket ECU has been authorised for the Toyota 2ZZ Engined cars.

These will be supplied with a series approved and controlled calibration that has been subject to extensive bench, chassis dyno and on track testing.

It is available for both drive by wire car controlled cars (typically 2006 and later) and cable throttle cars (typically 2004-2005).

The drive by wire cars have an entirely plug & play compatibility, for cable throttle cars there is a simple adapter loom that can be ordered which will retain the reversibility and plug and play feature so no wiring changes are required in either case.

The ECU and calibration are designed to address the fundemental weaknesses in the 2ZZ engine charachteristics and enable them to be competitive agains the k series cars and 1ZR cars which both have more torque.  The calibration also removes the engines reliance on the MAF sensor which can cause failure and limp mode which will improve the reliability and take away a failure point.

The calibrations will be managed to ensure parity across all vehicle types.

THis ECU will be available on a trial basis at the users risk.

Introductory price of £690 including the calibration pre installed, a software package to look at engine data and carry out diagnostics (previously you would need Lotus Tech Centre capability to do this).  The adaptor loom for older cars is available at additional cost - see product options.

Optional installation, calibration verification and a hub dyno test and power run are also available at RRR Engineering - see product options.