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Orange Watch Company


Orange Watch Company

Maker of Specialist Luxury Diving Watches, Dress Watches & Time Pieces

Passion and vision: Build the best watch and time piece at the price point without excess.

There are no dealer or retailer margins and we ONLY deal direct. (B2C)

OWC makes classically inspired and original watches and time pieces. We are driven by the Bauhaus and our mantra is, “Less is More”. Our watches are fit for purpose, conservative and competent.

We value technical ability above fashion, quality above hype and traditional values over marketing. We are “Old School”, we evolve and change only when it is necessary.

“The quality will remain long after the price is forgotten.” (Henry Royce)

We source globally based on quality and value. We are not limited nor restrained by illogical or emotional attachments to local, state or national borders.

OWC produce “montres sans frontières” (watches without borders).

We inspect each part and assemble each assembly from its component parts (excluding movements). Each watch is individually tested, inspected and timed. We assemble watches in small numbers locally and in Switzerland.

OWC takes the best that we can afford, interpret, refine, evolve and make it better. Accept nothing nearly right or good enough. When it does not exist, we will design it.

Our range of luxury precision watches in our opinion, more than exceed specifications of many watches costing far more. We marry inspiration with contemporary specifications.

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