Lotus Elise Trophy

The Elise Trophy championship goes back to 2007 and is aimed squarely at drivers who want to race a prestigious but cost effective car in a professionally run series that ranks amongst the top MSVR Run Championships. With cars available from less than £10,000 but able to compete on a performance balanced basis with the latest factory racers such as the Elise Cup R it really is a true drivers championship. In 2015 three different variants of Elise finished in the top three in the championship, and two in 2016, proving the effectiveness of the regulations.


A significant focus is aimed at maintaining exceptional driving standards as whilst the cars are relatively cheap to repair the emphasis is on fair and clean driving – indiscretions are subject to penalty points which compromise your championship position and this has served to make it one of the cleanest and fairest club championships in the UK.

The Elise Trophy Championship, with a couple of exceptions, all take place on the same day which helps to manage driver budgets and family and work commitments. With garages and premium hospitality included in the race entry fees and a calendar second to none in UK club racing it’s the ideal place to both start and develop your racing career.

Entry fees start from as little as £215 per race if you pay in advance, cars are available from as little as £10,000 and a number of the supporting teams have committed to a fixed price arrive drive program for 2017 at £25,000 to include all car hire, entry fees, tyres, fuel, support and insurance.

There are several options when choosing a car to race. Have a look at our page on choosing a car, which explains the differences between the older and newer cars. 

Race Calendar

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