Cadwell Park - Full Circuit

Shared Grid, Round 5: 21 July 2018

Race Entrants

Driver Class
John Atherton Elise Trophy
Paul Baker Elise Trophy
Alex Ball Elise Trophy
Oliver Crease & Simon Middleton Elise Trophy
Craig Denman Elise Trophy
Paul Findlay Elise Trophy
Adam Gore Elise Trophy
Danny Hartgrove Elise Trophy
John Lamaster Elise Trophy
Peter Mansfield Elise Trophy
Chris Marks Elise Trophy
Simon Oakley Elise Trophy
Christopher Perkins Elise Trophy
Jackie Perkins Elise Trophy
Mads Petersen Elise Trophy
Mark Richardsson Elise Trophy
Joe Taylor Elise Trophy
Chris Thirkettle Elise Trophy
Mackenzie Walker Elise Trophy
Ade Wootton Elise Trophy

Cadwell Park is a motor racing circuit in Lincolnshire, England, 5 miles (8 km) south of Louth. It is owned and operated by Jonathan Palmer's Motorsport Vision company.

It is sited across a steep-sided valley, giving rise to dips and crests. The circuit features sharp changes in gradient, including one section called The Mountain where bikes can become airborne by up to several feet. Its mix of challenging corners has led to its nickname as the Mini-Nürburgring.

Track Information

Race DateSaturday 21st July
Length2.173 miles
Lap Record1:32:138 - Richard Mitcham, Jedi MK6
Circuit Website
LocationCadwell Park, LN11 9SE

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