Silverstone - GP Circuit

Shared Grid, Round 4: 1 July 2017

Race Entrants

Driver Class
John Atherton Elise Trophy
Paul Baker Elise Trophy
John Lamaster Elise Trophy
Peter Mansfield Elise Trophy
Jason Mcinulty Elise Trophy
Simon Oakley Elise Trophy
Mike Perkins Elise Trophy
Mads Petersen Elise Trophy
David Powell Elise Trophy
Mark Richardsson Elise Trophy
William Stacey Elise Trophy
Steve Summers Elise Trophy
Chris Thirkettle Elise Trophy
Sam Tomlinson Elise Trophy
Seth Walpole Elise Trophy
Martin Wills Elise Trophy
Simon Atkinson Lotus Cup
Alex Ball Lotus Cup
Craig Denman Lotus Cup
Ian Fenwick Lotus Cup
Adam Gore Lotus Cup
James Little Lotus Cup
David Mcinulty Lotus Cup
Ryan Savage Lotus Cup
Barry Strong Lotus Cup
Andrew Wright Lotus Cup
Axel Van Nederveen Lotus Cup

One of the most famous tracks in the world, Silverstone offers drivers an experience like no other. Started as a WW2 airfield in 1943, Silverstone hosted the first Grand Prix race of the newly formed Formula One World Championship Series in 1950. Since then, the track has changed to over 3 and a half miles long and will be one of the longest tracks we visit.

In 2010 the new 'wing' complex was completed, boasting a state-of-the-art pit complex and featuring a new start/finish straight, the upgrades have been applauded by the motorsport community and now is a chance to race one of the most exciting British circuits.

Track Information

Race DateSaturday 1st July 2017
Length3.667 miles
Lap Record1:30:874 - Fernando Alonso, Ferrari F10, 2010
Circuit Website
LocationSilverstone, NN12 8TN

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