Snetterton - 300 Circuit

Shared Grid, Round 1: 25 March 2017

Race Entrants

Driver Class
John Atherton Elise Trophy
Paul Baker Elise Trophy
Alex Ball Elise Trophy
Craig Denman Elise Trophy
John Lamaster Elise Trophy
Peter Mansfield Elise Trophy
Jason Mcinulty Elise Trophy
Simon Oakley Elise Trophy
Mike Perkins Elise Trophy
Mads Petersen Elise Trophy
David Powell Elise Trophy
Mark Richardsson Elise Trophy
William Stacey Elise Trophy
Barry Strong Elise Trophy
Steve Summers Elise Trophy
Chris Thirkettle Elise Trophy
Sam Tomlinson Elise Trophy
Seth Walpole Elise Trophy
Axel Van Nederveen Elise Trophy
David Alexander Lotus Cup
Simon Atkinson Lotus Cup
Ian Fenwick Lotus Cup
Adam Gore Lotus Cup
David Mcinulty Lotus Cup
Stuart Ratcliff Lotus Cup
Ryan Savage Lotus Cup
Andrew Wright Lotus Cup

Snetterton was originally an RAF airfield used by the United States Air Force between 1943 and 1948. The first racing was done in 1951 on the disused runways by the Aston Martin owners club'.

Today, the almost 3 mile track is one of the most used in the UK. Drawing on inspiration from iconic tracks such as Monza and Montreal in 2011, the circuit saw a multi million-pound upgrade which added a new infield section to the track.

Track Information

Race DateSaturday 25th March 2017
Length2.969 miles
Lap Record1:39:933 - Felipe Nasr, Dallara F308, 2011
Circuit Website
LocationSnetterton, NR16 2JU

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