Tim Stracey Confirmed For Final Round and Full Season Campaign in 2019


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Tim Stracey (Ex MR2 Championship Driver) joins Lotus Cup UK for the final round and commits to a full-season campaign in 2019.

Some of you will have seen Tim during Round 6 at Snetterton where he lined up for the first time on the grid in the Elise Trophy field. Safe to safe, after his debut drive with SO Motorsport, Tim was instantly hooked on the championship and the incredible driving thrill our Lotus Elise race cars have to offer. So much so, he joined us for Donington and will also be lining up for the final round at Rockingham as well as entering for a full season championship campaign in 2019.

We caught up with Tim this weekend to find out a bit more about his upcoming plans.

When did you start racing?
This is my first year of racing, which I started in the MR2 Championship, doing the first few rounds before coming over to the Lotus Cup in the Snetterton round recently.

What is it you enjoy about racing?
I enjoy many aspects of racing, from driving a car hard and fast to the adrenaline and excitement that comes from a race. Nothing compares to that feeling when your lined up waiting for the light to go out.

What car/team are you racing in/for?
Lotus S2 111R with SO Motorsport

What are your ambitions for the final round and next season?
I’m looking to do a full season in the Lotus Cup next year and to just improve with each round, enjoy the racing and hopefully remain competitive throughout.

What advice would you give to people wanting to start racing?
Just go for it, it’s a fantastic sport. Once you’ve started there will be no going back.

Do you want to mention/thank any sponsors or partners?
I’d like to thank Simon Oakley and the team at SO Motorsport for giving me a car at short notice for the last few rounds of the 2018 season.

Thinking of joining the Lotus Cup UK Championship? Find out more here.

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