Round 6 Snetterton Race Report: Clean Sweep for Denman, First Podium for Crease & Woes For Taylor


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Round 6 - Snetterton - 11th August 2018
Race Report by Nigel Lotus

Race One:

Saw a fairly predictable victory for Craig Denman, who took up where he left off previously at Cadwell Park in July. With fastest lap time in practice safely chalked up, his continual dominance of the Championship looked to be under no real pressure and his winning margin of around 15 seconds was really stretching out the rest of the field from the off.

Further down the following pack an issue with his brakes early on, saw Simon Oakley’s qualifying efforts almost immediately negated, when a brake binding induced spin at Nelson saw those following having to take some rapid avoiding action as the static 54 Lotus was sideways on across the Racing Line! Mark Richardson’s “left turn” onto the Green stuff saved a nasty T-Bone incident, and luckily Mark’s Grass Track excursion did not seem to interfere too much and he was able to keep it straight and return to the Race Circuit by the Grandstand just before Bomb Hole. Second place went to the ever chasing John LaMaster with Mackenzie Walker in Third. All good entertaining stuff. Which left the rest of us wondering if Craig Denman’s romp to Championship success was ever going to receive any form of setback; as it had with Joe Taylor’s back to back wins at Oulton Park at the end of June?

Race Two:

Saw a similar format begin to take shape. Craig Denman quickly pulled out a lead that seemed could only be compromised by his own unforced error or a mechanical gremlin, but nothing, it seemed, was going to upset his season-long domination! Again down the rest of the field there were some predictable overtakes and other action keeping everyone on their toes, but as I mentioned in the Snetterton Programme “don’t discount the rest of the entries” there is no one on the Starting Grid who doesn’t want to finish further up the order when they get out on the race circuit and this race was no exception. An inspired drive by Oliver Crease saw him take a very well deserved first time on the podium, third place! Well done Oliver!

Race Three (Reverse Grid.)

Always an entertaining conclusion to the LOTUS CUP Races: This was some of the closest and hardest fought on-track action of the season to date! To begin with Craig Denman inevitably cut his way through to the front but a “missed gear mishap” saw the ever-present John LaMaster very happy to pounce on this uncharacteristic error early on, so the mid-race action saw John LaMaster continue to hold Craig Denman back in second place for the majority of the race, meanwhile Joe Taylor and Simon Oakley in third and fourth respectively were standing by to move up some Podium places should the LaMaster/Denman battle have an off the track ending? But it wasn’t to be as Craig made the crucial clean pass on the inside at Riches at the end of the Senna Straight on the penultimate lap; mid-race action also saw Mads Petersen trying his hand at a little Grass Track action on the exit from Palmer. But he soon decided to put an end to that excursion and do the rest of the race on the track!

Well done to everyone. The last race it was packed with some fiercely competitive action from start to finish. Will there be anyone who will break Craig Denman's stranglehold on the top of the Championship Table? John LaMaster's mid-race spell was looking like it may do; But Craig Denman’s Season Long Dominance was not going to be broken just yet! Let's see if it continues today at Donnington? Or will someone else’s eagerness to assume the top place on the podium deny Craig Denman a clean sweep again today?

Keep the Shiny Side Up while you try everyone!

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