Orange Watch Company (OWC) and Lotus Cup continue partnership for 2018


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We are excited to announce that Lotus Cup and Orange Watch Company (OWC) will continue their partnership for the second year running in 2018.

As a bonus to this partnership OWC have kindly offered to present one of their luxury high-end watches to each of the winners of the overal championship for the Lotus Cup and Lotus Elise Trophy.

Simon Oakley, Lotus Cup Series Director commented: "OWC is a world-class, industry-leading brand and it's a fantastic fitting partnership with Lotus Cup. To attract a high end luxury brand to be aligned with Lotus Cup is great news for our championship and, for OWC to partner with an extremely prestigious racing series in the UK, it will help raise the profile for their brand too."

Daniel Fock, Director of OWC watches said: "We are proud to continue our affiliation with Lotus Cup. We value technical ability above fashion, quality above hype and traditional values over marketing. We are 'Old School', we evolve and change only when it is necessary and the quality will remain long after the price is forgotten. This very much fits in with the Lotus brand of cars racing in this prestigious series.'

More about OWC

OWC makes classically inspired and original watches and time pieces. We are driven by the Bauhaus and our mantra is: “Less is More”. OWC time pieces are competent, clean, fit for purpose, overly engineered and inspired by divine order. CNC execution is juxtaposed with hand assembly and human testing.

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