Newcomer Ade Wootton Confirmed for 2018 Elise Trophy Championship


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We are super excited to announce Ade Wootton, another newcomer for the Elise Trophy Championship for 2018.

With absolutely no previous experience in motorsport, Ade has spent 2017 testing various Lotus models and developing his skills ready for a championship entry in 2018. For any newcomer interested in joining our series we recomend you follow the same path and book a test day with one of our teams.

We caught up with Ade earlier this week to find out his thoughts on the season ahead.

"I'm really looking forward to my first season in motorsport. It's been just 12 months since I took to a track for the very first time at a cold, wet and windy Silverstone which, by the way is a perfect track for novices given it's very wide and plentiful run off areas."

When did you start racing?
As I mentioned, I did my first track day in Feb 2017 at Silverstone with no previous experience of race cars or go-Karts. It was quite an eye opener to say the least :)

What is it you enjoy about racing?
The thrill of it all, plus learning a new exciting skill set & discipline.

What car / team are you racing for this season?
I'll be racing my Lotus Elise 111r under my own name this season albeit with the help of my local mechanics Ben at Weston Autocentre.

What are your ambitions for this season?
As it is my first season racing and I haven’t raced a competitive race yet, my ambition is to complete the season in the safest manner possible and hopefully improve each race to become as competitive as possible.

What advice would you give to people wanting to start racing?
Be prepared to spend a lot of money, but the buzz is all worth it.

Do you want to mention / thank any sponsors or partners?
I would like to thank Ryan Hooker for the tuition received so far (along with life threatening situations I have inadvertently put him in…. ha), Stephen Docherty and his team Track Club with the great service they have provided in the initial car test hires and support, plus Joe Taylor who has shared a lot of the track days with me on this incredible journey so far.

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