Mark Richardson Confirmed with Hangar 111 for the 2018 Elise Trophy Championship


Mark Richardson Lotus Elise Trophy.jpg

We are super excited to welcome back Mark Richardson for the 2018 Elise Trophy Championship with Hangar 111.

Mark had an incredible 2017 season, impressing us with his on-track battles and finishing 5th in the overall championship standings in his Lotus Elise S1. He returns for the 2018 season continuing his partnership with Hangar 111.

Here's what Mark had to say earlier this week:

"From zero racing experience to a decent result last year, I want to improve consistency along with some enjoyable and close fought racing with equally competitive cars and drivers this year."

When did you start racing?
I started a couple of races in the 2016 season. To race has been a lifelong ambition which at long last I have been able to realise and which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Needless to say, it is addictive.

What is it you enjoy about racing?
Everything, but the most enjoyment is from intense wheel to wheel racing...preferably to get ahead. It is also extremely satisfying to try to improve and get faster. I am also getting to know various people within the paddock which also makes the whole event that more enjoyable...there's always a good crack after a race!

What car / team are you racing for this season?
As the previous 2 seasons, my S1 with full support from Hangar 111. My very busy work / lifestyle does not allow me to do it any other way, but I do thoroughly enjoy the whole team effort and have enjoyed learning how to the run the car.

Do you want to mention / thank any sponsors or partners?
Errr, I thank my wife for allowing me to take part, it is a big commitment from her too. I would also like to say Hangar 111 do a thoroughly professional job of supporting both my car and myself, ensuring maximum reliable track time...that is until I mess up!

Mark Richardson Elise S1.jpg

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