Lotus Cup UK Speed Championship Winner Stuart Cheshire Joins Elise Trophy for 2018!


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We'd like to welcome newcomer Stuart Cheshire to the Elise Trophy Grid for 2018 in his Elise S1.

Stuart Cheshire, winner of the Lotus Cup UK Speed Championship will be joining us on the grid this year and is very much looking forward to the new challenge of wheel to wheel racing.

We sat down with Stuart to hear what he had to say about this exciting new challenge.

"I’m fully committed to Elise Trophy in my S1. It’s a new environment, I’ve spent the last two years in the Lotus Cup UK Speed Championships which I won last year in my S3, so this year is a big learning event for me with a serious attempt at the odd podium in 2019."

When did you start racing?
I raced karts as kid, but since then all my wheel to wheel racing has been with two wheels until Simon gave me a run out in the last round of the Elise Trophy Championship at Snetterton October just gone.

What is it you enjoy about racing?
I’m not comparing myself to someone like Craig Denman for one second, but my motivations are pretty similar...I’m really out there trying to achieve the perfect lap and develop my car...it’s the engineer in me!

What car / team are you racing for this season?
I’ll be running Freddie HETHERINGTON’s old S1, albeit at a much lower engine spec. I’ll have some help from Kev O’Brien racing and loads of good advice from a friendly paddock.

What are your ambitions for this season?
My ambitions for the year revolve learning as much as I can, working out if I can be a serious contender as a driver and with the car I have in preparation for a serious attempt in 2019 or early retirement if my driving isn’t up to it!

What advice would you give to people wanting to start racing?
My advice would be simple...surround yourself with people you can trust and listen to what they have to say...Simon Oakley would be a good person for any one starting out to have a good natter with.

Do you want to mention / thank any sponsors or partners?
In terms of help, Komo-Tec and Lotus Silverstone have given me amazing support in the Speed Championship. I’m hoping to keep those relationships going next year and a big call out to Kev O’Brien at Kev O’Brien Racing for the continued backing he gives me usually at very short notice!

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