FREE Driver Test at Silverstone on 10th December


LOTUS SN 291016 D204185.jpg

Finished in the top 10 of a race championship in the last 2 years and considering your options for 2017?

You may be eligible for a FREE test with one of our race teams in a Lotus Elise race car plus taster passenger laps in an Exige V6 Cup R race car, driven by a professional driver.

You will get the chance to drive around Silverstone GP layout and talk through your data with a professional driver after your session and compare to current drivers. If you are interested in joining the grid for 2017 this will be the perfect opportunity to meet many of the established teams, see the cars available to buy or rent and try before you buy. 

First date: 10th December, Silverstone GP.

Spaces limited and eligibility subject to organisers discretion. Please complete the short application form here for more information.