Axel Van Nederveen Confirmed for Comeback Campaign with Matthew Bentley Racing


Axel Podium.jpg

Matthew Bentley Racing has confirmed their star driver Axel Van Nederveen (pictured right) for the 2018 Lotus Elise Trophy Championship.

Axel joined the series in 2016 and raced both solo and alongside his driver coach Adriano Medeiros. Axel ran a fantastic campaign in 2017 finishing an impressive 4th in the overall Elise Trophy standings.

Axel will be racing a Lotus Elise 111R which is a Toyota 2ZZ powered Elise. This variation represents approximately half of the grid today with the S1's and K series variants still being an extremely popular choice and a few S3 variants starting to appear more and more.

Matthew Bentley Racing have opportunities for further owner drivers looking for support in the series and if this is of interest please contact them via their website

Axel Car 1.jpg

Axel Car.jpg