Alex Ball Returns Seeking the 2018 Elise Trophy Crown


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Alex Ball set for 2018 Elise Trophy Return in his Elise S1!

Alex 2017 bid for the Elise Trophy championship was cut short after a collision with 2017's overall championship winner Will Stacey at Silverstone round 4. Unsure whether he was planning on a comeback for 2018, we are delighted to confirm he'll back on the grid for this year.

We caught up with Alex this week to find out about his target for this year.

"I'm looking forward to coming back to the grid in 2018, after an awful 2017. Last year was nothing but blown engines, mechanical gremlins and it was finished with a crash. The car's rebuild is almost finished, and I can't wait to get it back out on track."

When did you start racing?
My first race was in the Production BMW Championship in an old E30, in April of 2014. I did 5 rounds that year and then did the full season in 2015. After that I switched over to the Lotus Cup in my little S1.

What is it you enjoy about racing?
A mixture of things. Of course, like everyone, I love the close wheel to wheel racing that the Elise Trophy provides, but I also like the engineering and mechanical aspect, which is a couple of reasons I run the car myself.

What car / team are you racing for this season?
I'll be racing my S1, and I'm a privateer with the help from my wife Nicky, and my 9yo daughter.

What are your ambitions for this season?
Just to enjoy it. I'd like to try and win the championship again, but it's not my focus for the year as we may have to miss a couple of weekends due to other commitments.

What advice would you give to people wanting to start racing?
Just give it a go and never be afraid to ask for help. Remember to drive with your head, and use your mirrors - otherwise, things get expensive very quickly!

Do you want to mention / thank any sponsors or partners?
Yep, thanks to Kraftwerk Tools UK who kindly support us.

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